Saturday, 31 July 2010

Week 1 done

The training has been going well, I've been doing a fair amount of cardio work everyday, & have been running every other day with Laura & Paul. Our normal 2.8 mile circuit we are getting quicker round & walking less, so a big improvement there. I am also being extra careful in what I eat, the net result is that I am now below 18 stone & am now in danger of wasting away!! I'll have to panic buy pork scratchings to make up for it & force feeding myself??

Cycling still remians a big part of my training & apart from cycling too & from work every day, this morning we met at the club at 7am & went out in the pouring rain & did a 47 mile ride. I had a moment coming through Westerham, when I hit a man hole cover & the bike slid away from underneath me, but fortunatly there was a high brick wall & god knows how I managed to push myself back up straight. It took my 3 or 4 attempts though & Kerry was so confident that I would do it that she didn't even brake!! She then had a road sweeping moment at very slow speeds where she hit a patch of some form of contaminate on the road & wayhay, she was off. (She is OK) I only managed one Banzai today on Joe!!

Just before the heavens open & just after I 'Banzaied' Joe

Our 47 mile route

Tonight I am meeting an old friend Nikki & we are doing a timed mile & a half run round a running track, 15 x 200 meter sprints, followed by a bleep test & a 500 metre shield run (I'm public order training next week)..... this is my day off as well!!

I'm smiling as I did it in 2min & 36 seconds

My pulse maxed out at 102% of maximum...... it's not easy!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

London to Cambridge

Sadly I wasn't running from London to Cambridge, but cycling with my friends Gav & Sandra. We have done this event for the past 2 years & it's a fairly flatish route, with some fast bits. Sadly it was marred when Sandra got taken out by another cyclist & did a bit of road sweeping. Her helmet took the brunt of her fall & did it's job by compacting. Fortuantely she is OK, but has a little shiner starting to come out on her left eye.

Other than that it was an uneventful 58 miles, in glorious weather. I did bump into a friend from the gym, Marcella & she wants to do the Suffolk 100 miler in a few weeks. I think I can be talked into that!!

Marcella, & she did it on a mountain bike.... chapeau!!

They didn't fall over either!!

Our route to Cambridge

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Another trip round the meadows

On Friday I had a mad flash of something; of what I have no idea??. I cycled into work & was sitting at my desk & thought 'it's far to nice to be here' so took the rest of the day off. I cycled home & made a few calls & was joined by my old cycling mate Gav & a friend from the gym, Linda & we went & did my normal cycling circuit. Fair play to Linda she hasn't been on a road bike before but she did very well. (So upset she wasn't stiff when I saw her at spin this morning!!)

Linda & she was still smiling at the end!

Our hilly 34 mile route

When we got back to the gym, I did a quick change & met another friend Laura & we went & did a quick 2.5 mile run round the meadows near the gym.

The meadows again!

For those of you that know me well, if there is a gadget then I'll have to have it. I've got a Garmin FR60 pulse monitor & I recently got a cadence monitor for it that you wear on your shoe. I haven't quite mastered the controls yet & being a bloke I refuse to read an instruction manuel, but I did manage to turn the cadence monitor on half way round our loop.

Yes my pulse does really get that high!!

Got back to the gym & to wind down, did an hours spin & boy did I sleep well last night.

Burnt over 4500 calories this day!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Meadows

As Confucius once said 'every journey starts with a single step'

Last night I had my first step, when my friend Laura & her friend Rosa & I went for a run round the meadows near our gym.

I thought I had a good level of endurance & also fitness, but my god how wrong I seem to be & I only have 108 days left until I run the NY marathon!! Plenty of work needed here I fancy!!

We covered about 3.4 miles in 45mins over fairly flat terrain in a pace that I'm sure the top runners will not be scared about!! (Don't look for me on the podium in Time Square)

The run was OK, no real aches or pains, which is good & you do have to start somewhere!! Where I can sit on a bike for hours on end cycling away over any conditions, clearly running is something completely different & being completely frank with myself, I'm still way too heavy. At nearly 18 stone I have to lose some weight.

I did have a health check at work last week & all the normal checks were fine, so that's encouraging news!!

I plan to run again on Thursday after I have done spin & core conditioning & then on Friday Laura & I are again going across the meadows for another run... wish me luck!!

Our route

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 1

Dear all

This is my blog as I start to train & prepare to run the New York Marathon in November 2010 with my dear friend Sandra. I shall then continue my training through the winter & run the London Marathon in April 2011. I then plan to become a couch potato & never do any exercise again (or until I decide on what stupid thing to do next!!)

You may think that I am leaving the start of the training a little late, however I have just finished cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats ( for that blog!), so I do have a fair level of endurance & fitness..... or at least I hope so?

You may be curious with the name of this blog & the answer is: I am the same percentage of fat as a pork scratching!!.

I will not run it fast, but I have 2 objectives.
1) I will run all the way round & will not walk.
2) I want to finish under 6 hours......Wish me luck!!

As both the places are fund raisers for charity, can I please point out that you can donate via the justgiving widgets on the right of the screen!!