Saturday, 28 August 2010

Ouch, ouch, ouch

Oh dear it was all going so well, my confidence was booming, the runs are getting easier & today when I went across the meadows with Linda, 3 miles in & bang, got an excruciating pain in my right calf & could barely move. Linda has broken me!!

Limped back to the gym & did loads of stretches & seems to be easing a little. I do hope so as tomorrow I am destined to try a 10 mile run....... fingers crossed & watch this space!!

3.5 mile circuit where I broke 3 miles in!

The update is I didn't run today (Sunday) which was a shame as I intended to do a 10 miler with Wendy & Laura. I did however do a spin class, which was hard & I had no adverse effects. I am working tomorrow & plan to run again on Wednesday evening where I shall be looking at doing the same 3.5 mile circuit & hopefully injury free. Next Sunday I am looking to do the South Coast half marathon, but this will depend on how I go on doing Wednesday & Friday's runs.....time will tell & hopefully it will be good news!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

End of another busy week

Dear all

Week 3 ended on a high note for me, when I was joined by Wendy & we did an 8 mile run on the road. I Felt amazingly good at the end & I could have carried on for another few hours!! (Wendy is training for the London 2011 marathon).

My longest ever run

The running has continued every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Some days I feel better & stronger than others, sometimes I fly round & other times I just plod round. I will start to increase the distance of my mid week runs to 5 miles a day soon.

Those of you that know, will not be surprised to know that the cycling is still going well & I am managing at least one 50 mile ride each weekend with my good friends from the gym. We will be going out again on Saturday for a ride & then Sunday again I will run & try to break the 10 mile barrier.

Breakfast stop (why is Paul in the red breathing in??)

Had a good day today & went & saw a dear friend of mine & we cycled 45 miles round the Hertfordshire countryside in absolutely dreadful weather. Oh well Nikki & I are used to getting wet on bikes, but it all goes to increasing my endurance!!

A well deserved treat after our wet ride & yes she did finish it!!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

On track!

The training is going well & I have started to increase the distance I run & I am getting quicker. This has something to do with the weight I am now losing & I am rapidly heading down towards 17 & a half stones, I'll have to be careful soon or I'll fly away in the breeze??!!

Just been to the Isle of Wight for the last couple of days with Sandra. We had some unfinished business there, when in May we attempted to cycling round it but ended up finishing early with the onset of hypothermia. Job done this time

It's surprisingly hilly

Just after the climb towards Freshwater.

I am still running every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at the gym, but will soon incorporate a longish run every Sunday from next week. I think this is where the discipline will have to kick in. I plan to get my wife's bike off the hanger in the garage & she will cycle along side me offering helpful hints!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Showing results

The running combined with my normal gym classes & cycling seems to paying dividends. My clothes are positively hanging off me..... might be a slight over statement here, but I am losing weight & inches

Last time I ran my 2.8 mile circuit with Rosa, I was nearly 2 minutes quicker over the first mile & over 3 minutes quicker overall........ she's a hard task mistress!!

One of my running friends Rosa

My passion is still cycling & I will still try & do a spin class every day & at least one day at the weekend will try & do a 50 mile ride, which we did this morning. I was join by my dear friend Sandra & Ross, Joe (on the 'Pink Love Sausage'), & another running friend Paul.

We left our club at 6am this morning (no not a misprint for a Sunday!!) & cycled our familar route. Joe then broke the 'Pink Love Sausage' well a couple of spokes, but did manage to banzai me!! Got back to the club & then span for an hour..... didn't feel so bad having the curry tonight!!

Breakfast at 7am, about 18 miles in

The broken 'Pink Love Sausage'

Our route

Thursday & Friday, Sandra & I are off to cycle round the Isle of Wight, & then again doing this route next Saturday morning if you are interested?? Leaving David Lloyds in Sidcup at 8am

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The training continues

Week 2 has really continued the good work of the first week. I have continued to run at the gym with Laura & Paul, Rosa is back from holiday so we are running tomorrow night. Again round our 2.8 mile circuit, which I shall look to increase from next week to around 5 miles. I'm still spinning every night & cycling too & from work. The net result was I lost 5lbs last week in weight!!

Had a hard few days at work public order training (Riot training) & am stiff almost everywhere & not in a good way either!! It's a physically demanding day, where the instructors try their best to keep you warm!!

Toastie & warm!!

The hardest part of the 2 days is the 500 metre shield run in full kit (body armour & numerous pads). My pulse rate maxed at 101% of my maximum & I made it with 1 second to spare!!

Can you spot where I did the shield run??!!