Friday, 24 September 2010

Bugger, bugger, bugger

Well dear reader,

It all seemed to be going so well, the runs were getting easier & I was really enjoying them, I have a great selection of friends to run with & we always have a laugh & a joke on the way round. I was really getting into this after my set back a few weeks ago when I damaged my calf. Done a lot of running since with no problems, done loads of stretching & not a squeak from it.

Went to try for the first time the winter route that I intend to do through to April for my midweek runs & got to just under 3 miles & bang, my bloody calf went again. Hobbled back to the gym.

I now have a real quandary, I only have 6 weeks until the New York Marathon, clearly I am still going & I am still doing it. I realistically have no chance of running all the way round now. I will have to rest my calf for at least 2 weeks & think it will have to be a combination of jogging & walking now.

The annoying this was I was feeling great, my breathing & heart rate had dropped & I was running along at over 5mph comfortably chatting to Linda. I can't begin to describe how p*ssed off I am

It went just before the 3 mile mark

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Demelza 10k Sunday 26th September 2010

Dear Reader

I have now entered my first running event, which is a 10km run round Leeds Castle on the 26th September.

There are plenty of places left & you can register here

If you need a lift, I have 4 spare seats in my car, it's a fairly early start so we'll be back by midday.

You even get a medal when you finish!!

More runners

The week has started well after my long run on Sunday, yesterday Laura & I did a 3 mile extended circuit of the meadows. Not only didn't my legs ache after Sunday, but we also ran the route at our fastest ever average speed (5.1mph). I know that this will not worry any of the top athletes, but it pleased me!!

My 'roadrunner' moment!!

I am gradually getting more people to join us on our runs & some are expressing a keen interest to do the London Marathon next year with me. Amongst these is Christina whom I spin with (Tina have you registered yet??!!)

Christina whom is now doing London next year!

Laura & I again ran the meadows, but a slightly shorter route today, fatigue is definitely setting in & both of us didn't feel 100%, so we opted to take it easier today.

Surprisingly we were only .4mph slower than yesterday & we took it easy today?!

Laura, one of my running partners

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I can run!!

I can safely say that I think my injury to my calf is well & truly behind me, ran Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Friday last week round my normal route of the meadows. Today was the big test though & ran 10.33 miles to see where I am with my training. I have been trying to follow a program & because of my forced 2 weeks off, have had to adapt it.

It wasn't easy & it wasn't at a pace that will worry any of the top athletes, but I did it & ran about 98% of the way round. I did stop & stretch & stopped to let my heart rate, that was at 98% of maximum come down so I could breath!!

Thanks Sandra, Wendy & Rosa for your company & a big thanks to Carol who drove the route with water for us xx

Our route & can you spot where I started to push myself on my heart rate?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fingers crossed

Dear all

Just a quick note to say that I again ran tonight round the meadow near the gym with Laura & it would appear that the calf is now healed & I am having no adverse reaction to the running. We did our normal 2.8 mile circuit & I am only a few minutes slower than my best time.

I did stop to stretch the calf a few times, can you spot where!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Week 5 update

Dear all,

Physically it's been a quiet week for me, was suffering with my calf at the beginning of the week & so was unable to run. I could however spin & cycle, so that's really all the exercise I have been doing.

On Saturday I had a massage on my calf, which seemed to ease it (& no Neal there was no happy ending!) on Sunday with only 8 weeks to go & wearing my new compression sock I went with Linda & Rosa for a 3 mile run over the Meadows. I managed to do this only slightly slower than my best ever time & more remarkably my calf felt tight, but no additional pain

My compression sock

I'm hoping that will be the last injury I have whilst training, I intend to run every Mon, Wed & Fri according to my schedule & next Sunday I need to be doing around 10 miles, keep your fingers crossed for me!!

I knew it was a good idea to marry a nurse & Carol tells me that I have torn my gastrocnemius muscle, which is apparently a common one for runners?!?!


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Week 4 update

Sadly running is on hold until my calf is better. I plan to run again next weekend, but only if I have no more pain or niggles in my calf.

To maintain my stamina I have resorted back to spinning, & am doing all the classes I can at the moment. Got to the club an hour before my class yesterday & did a 30km sprint to warm my legs up!!

In the afternoon went out with a few friends & had a stab at some of the climbs of the North Downs including the legendary Yorkshill.......28% in places & my heart rate maxed out at 103% of my maximum.


The 'Pink Love Sausage' pointing out Hades!!

A huge thank you to Team Cobra Cycling for my new top!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Not good

Just a quick update on my calf, went running again last night & had to stop after a mile as I could feel my calf getting tighter. I have definitely torn the muscle & will not run now for at least 2 weeks. I can however cycle, spin & use the elliptical runner at the gym, so I can still work on my fitness & weight loss...... fingers crossed it heals