Sunday, 31 October 2010

That's it I can't do anymore!!

Well I can't do anymore now & I plan to just rest until I leave for New York in a few days time

The last week I have been able to spin & use the cross trainer. On Friday I did do a 5 mile road session with Linda & Wendy. I power walked & they ran. We covered the route in just over an hour & the most encouraging thing for me was that my calf didn't tear again or hurt afterwards, so fingers crossed for NY!!

I did my final spin class today & pushed myself & managed to get my heart rate up to 97% of my maximum.

I have downloaded the route & it looks fairly flat which I suppose is a bonus. My aim is to run as far as I can & I am aiming for 6 hours.

If you want to guess my time & the distance you think I'll run please post as a message

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The final countdown

I really haven't had the best preparation for a marathon & the continuing tearing of my calf muscle has certainly hampered me.

I have been back to the gym & have been spinning & using the cross trainer religiously to just keep my endurance up. I have been doing both for an hour & I feel good when I finish. My next run will be in NY two weeks today. I am continuing to apply heat to my leg, roll it & having sports massages. I hoping this with my magic tape & compression tight gets me at least half way round. I'm hoping the public support, endorphins & the adrenalin do the rest!!

My target now is to finish in under 6 hours...... Anyone what to guess my time??
My new best friend at the gym!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ran with no pain

Dear all

Sadly no great distance, but we got to London Bridge Station just as our train was due to leave so I sprinted the 200 yards to the platform to see the bloody train pull out. Good news was there was no pain in my calf. This does not mean however that I shall through caution to the wind & go for long runs, I know it's not healed yet so I shall continue to spin & use the cross trainer

Gives me a little more encouragement that I may be OK for NY??

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Turned a corner?

I have been mindful of the advice I have been given by my friends from the gym & I am now trying to concentrate on my stamina without doing any load bearing exercise. Running is most definitely out & the next time I run will be NY, which to be honest isn't the best preparation for a marathon!!

I stretched & warmed up today before hitting the cross trainer for 30 mins & then I span for the first time in a week & I pushed myself. Got my pulse up to 98% of my maximum & it felt good having my heart working so hard. You get a rush of endorphins & it makes you feel on a natural high..... trust me I'm a policeman!!

Heart rate download from spin...98%

The plan now is to spin, swim & use the cross trainer as much as I can now until a few days before we leave for NY..... hopefully no more injuries...... keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

A glimmer of good news!

Dear Reader (do I have more than one?)

I am pleased to announce that I have managed to get back to the gym, did 30 mins on the cross trainer & span for an hour with, it would appear, no ill effects......woohoo!!

I have been having regular massages on my calf (no Neal, no Happy Ending!!) & on chatting to Cam, the strong suggestion is that the rest of my preparation should be non load bearing..... or in simple terms: Don't run you fat bastard, use the cross trainer, spin, cycle & swim......... some people are so cruel!!

I'm off for a week now, so I shall go into overdrive & thanks for all the kind messages about me being a raspberry!!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

4 weeks to go I managed to walk

This is hardly the build up I wanted or expected. My calf injury continues to cause problems & I still can't run. All the exercise I have managed after Monday's set back is to cycle to & from work. Today I went out with Carol & had a gentle 3.5 mile walk. I had no ill effects, but the swelling & bruising is still visible on my calf.

I will still be going to New York & will finish the event. I aim to run as far as I can & will then have to walk. It may be I run all the way, I don't know & only time will tell??

Still really p£@sed off about my leg

Monday, 4 October 2010

If I had a cat I'd kick it!

Frustration is about the only word that does me justice at the moment. 10 days ago I went out with Linda & about 2 miles into the run my calf had a twinge in it & I stopped & walked back to the gym. I've now had 2 sports massages from Cameron ( & he identified the tear & worked on it & it felt a lot better.

I have been cycling to work (I know only 5 miles each way, so hardly tour stage distances) & been doing spin, all with no effect, until Sunday, when I got another twinge in my calf. Today I tried the cross trainer at the gym for an hour, again no issues & then went to the treadmill for a slow jog.

I started at 6.5kph & after 22 mins I felt my calf. It didn't go, as I didn't give it the chance, I stopped & stretched straight away. It feels a little stiff now though.

I do have a problem with my right leg, I snapped the anterior cruciate ligament about 12 years ago & my knee is unstable. Cameron has suggested that my calf might be over compensating for my injured knee, thus causing it to tear? I will try & run again with my knee support on to see if that makes a difference??

If I had a bloody cat I'd kick it!!

My carbon-fibre knee support..... $6,000,000 man!!