Sunday, 19 December 2010

Now really bored of snow

How does the song go? "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" Well I can safely say without fear of any contradiction that I'm not one of them. I'm now officially bored of it & just wish it would go so I can get out running with my friends. We managed to run on Wednesday night & were looking forward to running Friday & Sunday. Well the weather had other plans.

A stopped & broken Britian!!

I managed to get down the gym on Saturday & did the cross trainer & spin class. As we started spinning the snow started to come down heavier & by the time I got home it was like a blizzard. Had something like 6" of snow in a few hours. Needless to say the whole country has wound to a standstill. Fortunately the gym has been open & I have managed to do some cardio work.

Our blizzard

In preperation for the next bout of snow I have dusted off the old turbo trainer & I plan an hour a day at least on my bike. I'm also looking forward to my Christmas present from Santa, which I understand is a Brooks saddle. If you're not a cyclist it would mean nothing to you!!

Turbo trainer all ready to go

My new Brooks saddle

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bored of the weather now

I suppose at least now it is starting to get a little warmer, but there is still far too much snow & ice on the pavements to be able to run safely. My training has been severely hampered & it's now getting on for 2 weeks since I last ran.

I have been trying to maintain my levels of fitness, but even this has been a struggle as I couldn't cycle to work, which means that I haven't been swimming either.

To try & make up for this I have been doing spin classes at least once a day, where possible & I have been trying to incorporate the cross trainer as well. Yesterday for a bit of fun I completed in a 5 hour spinathon with my dear friends from the gym & Lin hit me with the bombshell that she has signed up for MACS to do the marathon in April, which means we only have to work on Marcella now for the line up to be complete!!

Marcella, Wendy & Linda at the start

Why did I get the humbug hat??

Wendy & Lin at the end..... well done ladies xx

We are now hoping to get back to our normal routine of running on Monday, Wednesday & Friday with a big one on Sunday. I shall be cycling to work again when I get a spoke mended...... Hot off the press Danielle is now doing London as well..... roll on April, it's gonna be one hell of a party!!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Dunkirk Spirit!

You may think in the snow & icy conditions, that I would stop training for a few weeks until it passes away. This is not the attitude that forged our once great empire; so with a little bit of Dunkirk Spirit I twisted Marcella (who is from a Colony & know's who's boss!!) to join me on what we intended to be a 10 mile run. Wendy to be fair would have come but she was away for the weekend & Debbie is on the piste in Switzerland.

We left the club & walked to the main road. The side road leading from the club had not been gritted & it was far too slippery to run. We did look a little bit like Torvil & Dean, only I certainly wasn't as graceful!!

We got onto the meadows & started to run..... well run really is pushing the boundaries of the meaning of words, it was more a run/slip/slide/stagger/walk. We decided very early on that doing a 10 miler was optimistic at best, so we settled for once round the meadows. In the summer we were doing this 2.7 mile route in around 31 mins, today it took nearly an hour. It was fun & we had a good laugh. I had done an hour on the cross trainer & an hours spin class first, so arsing about in the snow for an hour I don't feel too bad about!! Best thing is neither of us fell over!!

Our cold route

Marcella by the frozen lake

Our frozen route

It was deep in places, but fun

Deeper in places than others!!

I'd have worn longer tights!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Lost a week??

Well winter has definately come early this year & I have done no training since Monday. The UK has ceased to function & my gym has shut. With temperatures of -8 degrees when I have been driving to work, the prospect of cycling through 2 foot of snow is a non starter!!

Sunday I am planning a 10 mile walk cross country as part of my training after spending a few hours on the cross trainer.

I"m now bored of snow & the cold!!