Sunday, 30 January 2011

Canterbury 10 miler

Today Sandra & I headed into the depths of Kent on what can only be described as a bitterly cold day. We drove down to Canterbury & the temperature gauge in the car didn't shift from 2 degrees. After we had parked we walked to the school to check in & get our timing chips (that makes me sound so professional!!). My hands were frozen through the running gloves, but of course when you get going you don't really notice the cold.

The run it's self was uneventful, I plodded round & tried to average 11mins 30 secs miles. I was actually 5 seconds under this, which pleased me as I have shaved over 2 mins off last weeks 10 miler. It even felt a little easier & more encouraging for me is my knee is pain free, so I think the little 'blip' in the week, was me just placing my foot down at a funny angle (well that's what I hope!!)

The hill at the 4th mile was like the North face of the Eiger!!

I didn't get a finishers medal today, but something more useful, a mug!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My bloody knee

Doing a normal mid week run, with Sandra, Marcella & Lee & we opted for the 6.7 mile undulating circuit through Bexley Village & back to the gym.

The first 4 miles were fantastic & I was gradually getting quicker & quicker (In fact I stopped & waited for the others to catch up more than once!!) & then just as I passed the 4 mile mark....BANG, my knee gave way & I got a sharp pain, that I can only describe as having a hot poker being pushed into it. Needless to say, I stopped straight away & started to hobble back the remaining 2.5 miles to the gym (No buses, phone, money on me - lesson learnt!). Fortunately as I was walking I was getting no pain, so jogged for a mile & had no problems, so I ran until the 6 mile mark & it appeared fine. I then came home to see my lovely wife, who is a Matron & she examined me. No more permanent damage & I just must have put my foot down funny as I was running.

I do have a problem with my knee & I had snapped the anterior cruciate ligament in it around 10 years ago, so my knee has always had a bit if instability in it. This was a shame as last night was the first time I felt I was running as opposed to jogging (runners will know what I mean by this!!)

Check out my mile splits for the first 4!!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

St Albans 10 miler

Today was another first for me & I did my first 10 mile race... I prefer the word event & it certainly wasn't a race for me!!. I was joined by my ever present running friend Sandra & 2 of my gym friends Marcella & Wendy & we headed north for todays adventure, the St Albans 10 miler. This is all very much for our build up to London & I had my eye on finishing in 2 hours.

We started in the melee of some 800 runners, many of who are club runners & were off like long dogs!! I was wired for sound & had my iphone on full volume (you can't beat Ska to get you going) & we were off. Something was defiantly wrong as out of our little group I was in the front for the first mile, Sandra then breezed past & I just hunkered down to consistent running. The terrain was undulating & around the 6 mile mark was an energy sapping climb that lasted about a mile. My thighs were burning when I got to the top. As we descended the climb Marcella overtook me at around 7 miles. I was determined to stay with her. About a quarter of a mile in-front of us was another runner & formed a pack that we would catch him & beat him to the finish..... we caught him with about 400 meters to go & both sprinted to the end & beat him by over a minute!!

The course download

Marcella & I at the end (1hr 56mins!!)

Not a George Medal, but earn't with determination & stamina!!

In the week A group of us from the gym (Ross, Marcella, Anne, Wendy & Lee) went & did our 4 mile circuit & something just clicked & I was on fire. I ran at over 6mph & smoked the rest of them....... what had I eaten to make me fly??!!

The day I flew!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

First 10k race

Today was new territory for me when I entered my first 10k race in Bromley with my dear friend Sandra. These Sunday races will now become very much part of my training for London with ever increasing distances. Next Sunday I am doing the St Albans 10 miler & the following week I am down in Canterbury, again doing 10 miles. 2 weeks later I have an interesting one, 8 hours to see how far I can go??? I'm aiming for 30 miles????

My first mile was my fastest to date, but I slowed down & average about 11 & a half minute miles..... A good day!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sub 10 minute mile

I had to drop my car in to be serviced yesterday & was in two minds how to get home, I thought about taking my bike & cycling back but decided to run the 3 miles. I'm glad I did as I was on fire & did my best ever mile in 9 mins & 56 seconds... I was on fire!!

My sub 10 min mile

OK, so it was down a slight hill, probably with a tail wind, but I was really pleased. I would also like to thanks my dear friend Neal for pointing out that I am more Roger Stannah Stairlift than Roger Bannister......... friends can be so unkind!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011 has started well

2011 has started well for me, I have done 3 long runs & 1 very fast run. The friends who I run with are all different levels, which is good. I can push myself out of my comfort zone with some & am more comfortable with others.

New Years Eve (so not really 2011!!) Marcella & I did a 7 mile circuit.

2nd January Linda & I then did an 9 mile circuit & I pushed myself doing my fastest ever mile (11 mins 32 secs) & I felt remarkably good when I got back to the gym

3rd January I was joined by Marcella & Babs & we did a very quick 4 miles where I beat my best minute time by over 40 seconds........ really had to work hard to keep up with them!!

9th January I was joined by Marcella, Wendy & Lee & we did a 10 mile circuit at a steady pace.

The gym work is continuing, I'm still spinning & using the cross trainer & the weight is coming off!!

Must go to work, I'll post some pictures for the runs later

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well the bad weather is finally behind us & I have been able to get out running again, with Linda, Marcella, Wendy & Ross. It was amazing just how much fitness I have lost in the past few weeks. Of course the manflu I had might have had an impact on this as well & I am still a little bunged up

Manflu, woman just don't understand!!

On Sunday Linda & I did Debbie's hour spin class as a warm up & then went & did a 9 mile run, where I did my fastest ever mile (11 mins & 32 secs) which when you consider it was mostly uphill I was very pleased with & I'm also pleased to announce that this is the first time Linda & I have been out running alone where she hasn't broken me!!

Our 9 mile route

Next Sunday Marcella & I are looking at a 10 mile run, so the distances just keep increasing, but we are on track & if I can stay injury free I'll be happy!!

2011 has so far been a good start for my training, I have done a number of spin classes, cross trainer sessions & as of today am cycling back to work via the swimming pool. I've also decided that I must seriously get on top of my diet, I would find all the things I do so much easier if I wasn't 19 stones!!