Sunday, 27 February 2011

Back on 2 wheels

Although this is my training blog for the London Marathon, those of you who know me will know that my one true love is cycling. Most weekends I can be found doing a sportive around the home counties. These rides vary in length & terrain. Today I did one of the hardest ones, The Hell of the Ashdown.

I was joined by Sandra & my friend Tony from the gym, we left Biggin Hill & started our way. We came to the first hill & as we changed down Sandra's chain came off. It's just too steep to get going on these hills (it was 25% in places).

Regrouping at the top we continued to cycle towards the top of the Westerham ridge & bang it all went wrong for Tony. His chain snapped & tore the rear derailer clean off his bike. That was the first 2 miles done & we were down to just Sandra & I.

The next 4 miles were uneventful & we started the 2 mile climb up Toys Hill. I got about three quarters of the way up & was hit by a car. How hard is it to see someone of 19 stone wearing bright yellow lycra??

Fortunately I was uninjured & my bike was fine. My hip however was a little sore, so we called it a day before any more catastrophies could befall us!!

Back to running from tomorrow, it appears to be safer??!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dreaded lurgie

My return from holiday, hasn't been as productive as I expected or hoped. I managed to pick up a virus on the plane on the way home & have been suffering with an inability to breath as soon as I do any form of excercise. Carol has examined me & there is nothing that can be done except wait for it to go. To this end I have taken tomorrow off work & I intend to see my GP about my blood pressure, which I'm sure has gone up!!

Last Sunday Sandra & I were 'booked' onto an 8 hour endurance run throught the night over some challenging terrain. Challenging doesn't really do it justice. It was a 6.55 mile circuit & I estimate a good 4 miles of that was off road in mud. It was horrendous & extremely slippery under foot. Our plan was to complete 4 circuits which is marathon distance, however with my inability to breath & the conditions we stopped after 13.1 miles. I took a heavy fall & Sandra nearly fell in to a ditch. We decided that as VLM is coming up, we would save ourselves from further injury & bow out after 2 laps.

Monday night I went back to the club & met up with Marcella, Wendy & Hannah for a light 3 mile run. Again after 400 yards I couldn't breath, so Wendy & I walked & chatted. It was nice catching up, but hardly training for us??

Layers is the answer to keeping warm!!

Still smiling, we had enourmous fun & were covered in mud from the waist down!!

For sale, 1 carful owner!!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Two weeks off training

It's important to drink plenty of water!!

Unlike the build up to New York, my recent 2 week rest from training had nothing to do with injury, but more a need to feel the warmth of the sun. My lovely wife Carol & I had 2 weeks away in Cuba & had a wonderful time. Whilst you were all freezing we were lying on the beach in 80 degrees. Do you feel sorry for me, probably not??

The downside for the marathon is I have done hardly any excercise at all. I did managed 3 x 30 mins on the treadmill & 1 run on the roads, but it was like running in a furnace & was just too hot. It will be interesting to see on Saturday how I get on as I am doing an 8 hour endurance run with my dear friend Sandra.

This then leaves only 7 weeks of training left before London. The only good news to come out of the holiday is I have lost weight (all the fresh fruit & veg I was eating that I don't feel like eating in this cold weather!!)

Probably didn't help with the training, but when in Rome!!

The last one honest!!

just back from my little road run, it was too hot & humid

The rest probably did me good, now the hardwork starts

Just to hot to run in air conditioned gym

Should lead to funny tan lines??

God it was hot & I was on fire in more than one way!