Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hastings Half Marathon

Well it's now only 4 weeks until the London Marathon & I will soon be tailing off my training, so I have fresh legs for the day. Well that's the plan anyway!!

Did the Hastings Half Marathon today & I had been warned that it was hilly. Christ that was the worst underestimation I have ever been told. It was horrendous, but I was pleased to overtake the chap in the Rhino suit & beat him to the end!!

Haha, loser!!

The very hilly & step route

This was a well organised HM & congratulation must go to the Lions Internation for the event. I did a half 2 weeks ago & pushed myself & was pleased to only be 21 seconds slower that the flat of Eastbourne. To put this into persective, I did the event with my friend Sandra, who has done numerous halfs & she said this was the hardest one she had ever done & was 15 minutes slower than Eastbourne. So overall I was pleased with my efforts.

You also get a nice bit of bling for doing it!!

Looking forward to next week, off to Worthing for their 20 mile event & then thankfully I can start to reduce the distances I am running & my knees will be grateful!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

The long runs are starting

Getting this close to the final event, I now have had to start doing the dreaded long runs & this Sunday Marcella & Wendy joined me to do a 15 mile run. 15 miles sounds like a long way & my god it is!!

I always thought it was flat near where I lived!!

I'm doing the Hastings half marathon this Sunday, followed by a 20 mile run the weekend after. I'm now just paranoid about picking up an injury & hoping to stay fit!! On the plus side I've managed to run alot further & faster than on my build up for New York, so am hoping for a better time!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

5 weeks to go

There is no panic, but the London Marathon is now only 5 weeks away & I've basically had a month off from training because of my holiday & virus.

Monday was very much D day & I got to the gym, did 30 mins on the cross trainer, a 60 minute spin class & then ran my normal 7 mile route. God that hurt & I wasn't able to run all the way round without stopping a few times to let my heart rate come down to a safer level!!

Tuesday, I again used the cross trainer & span & I did feel slightly easier than the day before

Wednesday I was joined by my friend Gerry & we ran an 8 mile circuit & it certainly felt easier than Monday. Things seem to be picking up!!

Thursday I span again, & then on Friday I was joined by Marcella & we did a 9 mile circuit. Not fast but consistant times

Sunday was my first big test & I went with Sandra & did the Eastbourne Half Marathon. Eastbourne is a lovely seaside town, but not in the winter. God it was cold, I ended up by running with 2 jackets on & was still cold!!

My best (well to be honest only ever time I've run that far) half marathon time is 3 hours & 1 min & I was please to shave almost 17 minutes off this time (this equates to over a minute a mile) & I finished in 2hrs 44mins & 30 seconds or an average speed of 12mins 29 seconds a mile.......... not fast but I was happy with this. Sandra also did a PB of 2hrs & 09 mins

Can you spot the hill??