Sunday, 17 April 2011

2 down 1 to go!!

The Virgin London Marathon was a great day, the crowds were incredible, the atmosphere was electric & the sun was shinning.

My 'lovely Ladies' & me at the start

I made my way to the start with the wonderful friends I've been running with & it's fair to say we were all a little worried. We got there with an hour to go & met another gang from the gym, they were all looking at sub 4 hours, so I didn't run with them!!

I also bumped into another mate of mine & we decided to run together. He has suffered, as I did with his calf & we parted company after about 2 miles.

A couple of old fat knackers at the start

The run it's self was hard, well it is 26.2 miles after all!! The sun was blazing & the heat was oppressive. It's typical I have trained in rain, snow & ice & the day we ran it was tropical. This did effect my performance, I was hoping to break the 6 hour barrier, but dispite drinking gallons of water I just kept cramping towards the end. The crowds along the Embankment & Bird Cage Walk were magnificent, they really gave me a boast & I was determined to run the last mile (I did!).

I would like to thank Debbie, Danielle, Graham, Anne, Delores, Kerry (sorry I didn't see you x), Sam & Dave for lining the route for us. I gave me a boost to see you.

I ran the first 18 miles & then between 18 & 20 was a combination of running & walking. I did keep trying the run, but just kept getting cramp in my calf, but I was determine to finish. My balls were killing me (the balls of my feet!!), but I just pressed on. I saw a couple of other friends running on route & having someone to talk to lifts the spirits for a while.

I was glad to finish & even managed a sprint to the end!!

One happy man to finish!!

After I crossed the line it was like my body shut down. My GPS had me walking at about 1mph & it took me over 30 mins to walk the half a mile to Charring Cross train station. I got the train to Blackheath & it took me 20 minutes to walk the length of the platform. Just remind me, I do this for pleasure??

In hindsight I enjoyed the day & would I do it again....TOO BLOODY RIGHT!! Only 5 weeks now until Edinburgh Marathon

I shaved over 40 mins off my PB!!

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