Monday, 25 April 2011

My balls!!

My only lasting ache from last weekend was the balls of both my feet. I did as I normally do & covered my feet in vaseline, which has always prevented blisters & my feet have never caused me concern until now. They have been getting better, but to rest them I was joined with some friends from the gym & Kelly from work & we cycled the Weald of Kent Ride. A lovely route through the winding countryside of Kent.

The weather was absolutely glourious as we set off on what would be 110k of very hilly roads. I'm still trying to break my new Brooks saddle in, which I am told can take up to 2000 miles, well I've now done about 110 miles on it & I now have 4 sore balls!!

Some serious steep hills, but good fun

I looked back through my garmin connect & the last long ride I did was back in September, so I should be happy with what we achieved yesterday. I am please to report that my legs were fine today & I even managed an hours spin class this morning.

20 miles into the ride with the worst hill behind us!!

Still the worst part of cycling putting the bloody bikes on & off the car!!

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